Everything to know about Elevator Shoes

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The fashion industry has always showcased innovation in its efforts to adapt to the individual needs of people. Today, we are fortunate to have access to the products that emphasise our good qualities while helping us mask those we’d like to hide - all to ensure we look our personal best.

What are Elevator Shoes?

The latest innovation that’s been taking the world of men’s fashion by storm; Elevator Shoes. As the name implies, this product provides wearers with a subtle increase in height, allowing them to naturally look taller.

These shoes are different to regular heeled shoes as they conceal a specially designed insole, which discreetly provides the wearer with an additional 2.5 - 5 inches of height. Depending on the design, these shoes can be used in a variety of social settings.

What are the benefits?

Elevator Shoes provide wearers with a host of benefits, as they are designed to meet a specific set of needs.

  • Being Taller

The primary benefit of Elevator Shoes is its ability to make the wearer look naturally taller. With the help of a specially designed insole, these shoes manage to seamlessly and subtly add between 2 - 5 inches to your overall height.

  • Confidence

An often overlooked benefit of Elevator Shoes is the confidence and self-esteem boost that it creates in wearers. By adding a few inches to their height, these individuals are naturally more confident and assured of themselves in both professional and personal settings.

  • Improved Posture

Elevator Shoes are designed to promote good posture, while protecting the knees and backs of those who wear them. They allow you to walk straighter, and to better square your shoulders, thus improving your posture.

  • Ease of Access

Unlike most concerns one could have of their physical appearance, the need to appear taller is easily rectified. Elevator Shoes are available in a wide variety of styles, and serve as a convenient and affordable solution.

What to avoid?

The primary objective of Elevator Shoes is evident, but not every brand understands the delicate nature of this matter. While the market may be filled with effective means to ‘instantly grow taller’, these options never handle the problem with subtlety or discretion.

You must choose Elevator Shoes that look no different to regular shoes, despite containing a specially designed height-increasing insole. Unlike the bulky products in the market, very obviously made to boost your height, opt for tastefully designed Elevator Shoes with a hidden insole.

Another concern should be the quality of materials used in making your shoes. By avoiding bonded leather options, you are steering clear of the low-quality alternatives to real leather which are still marketed as ‘genuine leather’ despite having none of its value. Instead, opt for synthetic leather options which are better designed, more durable and ultimately better for the environment.

The Final Verdict

For an individual looking to easily improve their visual appeal as well as their outlook on life, there’s no option better than a premium quality pair of Elevator Shoes.

Designed to boost confidence with no compromise on comfort, Veto is India’s first premium brand of Elevator Shoe, featuring contemporary styles, bold colours, and International-quality synthetic leather. Our wide range of designs is bound to include the ideal one for you.

Only one question remains - are you ready to Stand Out?

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