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Eliana Williams

Martell Blue Swift Cognac (Night bottle) 750ml

Martell Blue Swift Cognac (Night bottle) 750ml

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Martell cognac was the first spirit of its kind available in the United States, arriving on the shores of America in 1783. Since then, Martell has achieved many firsts, including its Blue Swift: the first ever spirit drink made with Martell VSOP cognac, matured in French oak barrels and finished in bourbon casks. Martell Blue Swift is the uniquely modern expression of the pioneering spirit of Maison Martell. Martell Blue Swift is created using the house's signature double distillation of exclusively clear wines to produce eaux-de-vie of exceptional purity, which subsequently absorb rich aromatic tones from the bourbon casks. The result is a lusciously smooth and original interpretation of the emblematic Martell style. The smoothness of Martell Blue Swift makes it perfect for serving neat or over ice, as well as in your favorite cocktail.

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